Lead Paint Dust Technicians Services in Philadelphia

Lead Paint Dust Technicians

According to the EPA, schools, colleges, hospitals, homes, and commercial facilities built before 1978 mostly contain lead paints. Lead paint poses extreme health hazards to the residents of these building and their pets. To minimize the exposure to the lead paint, our workers who will work for renovations of these buildings are EPA lead-safe certified.

Lead paint can be disturbed by any renovation work carried out in these places, resulting in lead-dust hazards. This dust is as much poisoning as lead and can put children, pregnant women, pets, and workers in danger. Our professionals are trained and knowledgeable about the lead-safe practices that make them work effectively around lead paint. Our process includes:

Assurance of Safety from Lead

To make your place free from lead, we are offering lead paint dust sampling services to ensure that no lead dust is present after we are done with the renovation. If it is present, our technicians will remove it with the help of special lead dust removal kits. They are specially trained and certified, making them a perfect fit for the lead dust removal job. First, our technicians will perform some practices which include cleaning of the area from lead dust. Then they will collect samples and be tested in the laboratory to ensure that no lead is present in the air or any of the house’s surfaces.

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