Carpentry Services


Carpentry Services

There is no reason to settle on an inexperienced and second-rate carpenter that will leave you with mediocre results and an empty wallet. Tim’s Handyman Services has a track record of over 14 years where our professionals have provided expert carpentry services, including interior finish carpentry services, rot replacement, and exterior wood repair. Our experienced and trained crews can also handle all of your woodworking needs, such as installing doors and windows, deck repairs, and siding and trim replacement.

Our architects can design the blueprints for building additions and total deck replacements for our carpenters to carry out. This seamless communication and coordination between carpenters, architects, and engineers are rare in the woodworking industry. It makes Tim’s Handyman Services better than our competitors.

Professional Carpentry Services for All

Whether your residential or commercial property is starting to show its age and you need some renovations or simply looking to upgrade some gaps your contractor left untouched, Tim’s Handyman Services is just what you are looking for. Our expertise includes crown molding, mantels, interior door installation, chair rail, wainscoting, trim and molding upgrades, fireplace surrounds, and other custom carpentry projects. Upgrading molding is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room. Our experienced carpenters can also frame your unused basement room, build or move walls, and create new or expanded closets, and replace just about any rotten wood for exteriors, including fascia boards, window frames, window sills, door frames, rake boards, railings, and handrails, and any other exterior wood trim. We are specialists in using PVC and composite trim.

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